Saturday, December 28, 2013

Advice, please! Does it matter if you're brown or white? by Hilary

This Christmas, when our daughter saw her brand new dollhouse sitting in the living room, she squealed, "My dollhouse, my dollhouse!"
She ran up to it, started calling for her princesses - "My princess, my princess!" - and went to find her Little People princesses (Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Tiana, Belle, and a couple of others).
She was SO excited!
It was WAY better than the Christmas when we got our oldest son this ride-on police car he'd been asking for for about a year. He was 3 that Christmas... every time we went to Wal-Mart, he wanted to look at it. Every time the cashier at the grocery store told us how much we'd saved, he's say "Oh, you saved $30, you can put that toward my police car."
When he saw the police car in the living room that year, he kept his serious face on, jumped in the car, and drove it. Just like he expected it. Not a single flash of excitement on his little face.
I digress.
Here's the thing: my husband, our sons and I are all white. Really white. We don't tan, we reflect the sun like beacons. Our daughter is half African American and half Pacific Islander. Her curly black hair and big brown eyes are the only things that could take any attention away from our middle son's bright red hair when we're running errands in town. We get lots of comments...
We want to get our daughter some dolls for her dollhouse (the princesses are too wide to fit through the staircase and too short for the furniture).
But during our research, we discovered vendors sell the doll families in tan/White and dark-skinned models.
Our inclination is to buy 2 sets - one of each - and let her have a big blended doll family.
Are we over-thinking it? Should we buy one or the other?
We want her to have dolls that match her skin color and ours - after all, that's what our family looks like. We want her to know that having a family of mixed skin color is "normal."
But again, are we overthinking this? Does it even matter?
What would YOU do?
Thanks for your help!


Amanda said...

Hi H! Love the blog! I would go with the two sets like you said. Let her choose. Hope she has fun with the dollhouse.

Megan Yakovich said...

Yes - I agree - two sets sounds perfect! :)

The Webbers said...

I would do two sets. Then she can play however she wants!

The Mommy Blog Chronicles said...

Thank you, everyone - this is great advice. Definitely ordering several dolls of each color. :)