Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our Backstory

Our "keepin' it silly for sanity" faces

Between the two of us, we have five children – that’s roughly 20,000 poopy diapers, gallons of spit-up, thousands of laundry loads, hours of homework, dozens of bitter-sweet moments (like watching our kids make mistakes and embrace their independence), and an unquantifiable, irreplaceable amount of hours spent on the phone with one another trying to figure it all out. 

We’ve given advice, (gently) pointed out flaws, talked tantrums and tears and theories on surviving the journey of raising these itty bitty people who call us “Mommy” and expect us to live up to all that that word implies. And as every mom from the beginning of time knows, it implies a lot. 

We are boo-boo fixers, advice-givers, chefs, taxi-drivers, knowers-of-all-things (even when we don’t). We do it with every ounce of love we have and all of the patience we are able to muster. Sometimes that level of patience is below zero and the hair on our heads is lucky to remain intact. Those are the days we are lucky to have BFFs – other mommy’s going through it all, right alongside us. 

We met in our early 20s, and more than a decade later, we had no idea that we would go through so many life changes together. We both had boyfriends when we met (serious but non-lasting), we were both working our first out-of-college jobs as reporters for the same newspaper, we met our husbands, went to each other’s bachelorette parties, stood behind one another on our wedding days, visited each other in hospitals after giving birth to our children, and now, though we live a state apart, we talk every week so our parallel lives remain that way.

We are both writers and mommy enthusiasts with a passion for storytelling. And that brings us to this blog.

We decided to start The Mommy Blog Chronicles after realizing the undeniable importance of having friendships just like ours. For most moms, friendships – and everything that comes along with them (love, support, reassurance, validation, encouragement, comfort) – are lifelines. We need them like our kids need us. 

And that is why we wanted to create our own little space, put our stamp on the online world; to provide stories and insights that will not only benefit and relieve you in knowing that you are not alone on this journey called Mommyhood, but to entertain and enlighten you as well. 


Rachelle & Hilary 

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