Friday, December 20, 2013

Two minutes, PLEASE!! By Rachelle

I just got off the phone with Hilary and, ironically enough, we were discussing the header of this blog site, which has two moms connecting online with children – many of them – in the background, when our conversation turned into a living moment of these images. 

To paint a mental picture, Hilary was putting her three kiddos into the car to take them to soccer practice, and I was sitting at my computer with my bored 4-year old in the background.
Hilary (when talking about choosing a color for the letters in The Mommy Blog Chronicles): “There are certain colors that trigger different emotions, and they’re used a lot in marketing and, hang on…L (her 7-year old), go grab the Happy Meal coupon from the bag in the garage! Okay, I’m back…One of the clients I write for went with hot pink and black for her website, and I didn’t know why until I learned about…”
Me: “Hang on…Where do you want me to hang this rope for you, A (mt 4-year old)? Up higher? Higher? Okay, sorry, I’m back. That sounds like a cool concept. I can look online at the different colors to see…”
Hilary: “No, no, no…not the basketball. Put it back and grab the soccer ball! Ya, that’d be great. I can look online when I get a chance, too.”
Me: “Sounds good. A, that’s as high as the rope will go.”
A: “But mommy, I want you to play with me!”
Me: “I will in just a second. Mommy is talking to Hilary for two minutes, and then I’ll hang up and play…Okay, I like the images that the graphic artist found for our header. I think we should go with the…A, not now! If you’re quiet for two minutes, I’ll play with you when I’m off the phone. That’s all I need, two minutes.”
Keep in mind, once Hilary and I made these last few decisions about our blog, we could launch it. This was our only moment today between school and soccer and everything in between to chat for a minute. One single minute! Okay, I lie. We were asking for two.
Hilary: “L, get in the car, sit down and buckle up.”
Me: “Yes, A, you can have those fruit snacks. Just go sit down for a couple of minutes…”
One minute and two small bags of fruit snacks inhaled later...
A: “Mommy, I’m all done. I’m hungry. Can I have more fruit snacks?”
Me: “No, you can’t. I’m making dinner soon.”
A: “I don’t want dinner, just snacks!”
By now, we are having our own, full-blown conversations with our own children.
Hilary: “Okay, my children are all spitting on each other in the backseat, I should go.”
Me (laughing): “Okay, I’ll talk to you later!”
Hilary (laughing, too): “Okay, bye!”
Confirmed – we chose the perfect header for the purpose of this blog.

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