Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mission: Unbeatable Mom, Case 1, Karley Van Zante Pople RECAP! By Hilary

When we started Mission: Unbeatable Mom, our goal was to provide a day of fun and relaxation to someone who really needs it. Not someone who needs it simply because she has a difficult toddler, is stressed about getting the kitchen clean, or who can't decide between Fiji and Hawaii for vacation. We're talking about someone who is experiencing something truly life-altering but who remains strong and positive. We're talking about someone we admire, look up to, aspire to be like if life ever brings us a difficult circumstance.
Those of you who know Karley can see why she immediately came to mind. And you won't be surprised to learn that we raised $700 ($150 more than our original goal) in about 36 hours to send her on a day of relaxation. Here's the original post about her.
After website fees, we had $68 to donate to Karley's charity of choice, Jacob's Heart (an organization providing support to families whose children have cancer).

The rest went straight to Karley.

On January 25, she spent a well-deserved day relaxing and being pampered.
Here's how it went down:
"I struggle a bit with guilt if I spend too much money on myself or take a day for myself," Karley said in an email after her day of fun. "Especially with my family going through what we are going through. But it was such a relief to have this special day - that OTHERS were treating me to."
(Again, a BIG SHOUT OUT to those of you who donated AND to those of you who helped spread the word!)
"It was a guilt-free day where I was completely spoiled!"
Karley left her house at 8:45 for the first massage she's had in 5-6 years.

For the 1-hour Swedish massage, she requested coconut-scented oil so she could picture herself vacationing on a warm tropical beach, far from all hospitals and worries. She was treated to a luxurious robe and warm chamomile tea.

Afterwards, she had some time before her hair appointment - and what does a girl do with extra time but shop?!
She found a great deal on a cute jacket ($10 thanks to 70-degree winter weather!).
Next up: a highlight and cut.
"The funny thing about highlights is you feel a lot brighter and happier," Karley said.
Karley headed home to change for a fun afternoon out, and lunch was delivered to her door.
("What treatment!")
At 2 pm, Karley, her husband Corey, and 4 of their "wine-appreciating" friends headed out to do what Karley calls "one of my favorite things in the world WINE TASTE!"
"We went to Soquel Vineyards and got to taste several of their $50-$60 reserve Pinots... and do a barrel tasting!"
They learned a bit about the vineyard and then went on to a second vineyard.
"By then, our whole party was happy that we had a driver!" she said.

After wine tasting, Karley and Corey said good-bye to their friends and headed out for their final stop of the day - Karley's favorite restaurant, Cafe Cruz.
"I finished it off with a delicious bread pudding," Karley said. "(I don't typically trust bread pudding, but I always get it at Cafe Cruz!)."

Here's the best part: "My special day was so awesome! I got to relax, feel pretty, taste some awesome wines, have fun with some of my greatest friends, and have a romantic dinner with my husband. The day left me feeling rejuvenated and ready to face Ethan's next and most difficult round of chemo treatment."
Yesssss. THAT'S what this is all about!
So, now that you've seen Mission: Unbeatable Mom in action, we'd love for you to do 2 things:
1. Stay tuned for our next Case - coming up SOON!
2. Nominate someone who you think could use a special day of relaxation. Email us at


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