Monday, March 31, 2014

10 Good Reasons to Cry by Hilary

Sometimes you just gotta have a good cry. 
I think kids are onto something. Don't you ever feel like crying when you're running really late and hit every red light, or your kids can't stop wrestling long enough to get dressed in the morning, or you said something really stupid to a friend and you wish you hadn't? Or your boss is grumpy to you or your mom said you looked like a ferret? 
But as adults, we rarely break down and cry, do we? 
Now, toddlers, on the other hand ... 
I recently saw a blog post by a mother who said we shouldn't post pictures of our crying children. She also said we shouldn't storm into a group setting and talk about how our children have misbehaved throughout the day.
Something about shaming them for their bad behavior. 
Well, I agree that we shouldn't announce their bad behavior to anyone who'll listen, but crying isn't bad behavior - it's a typical response when something doesn't go as we want it to (when "we" are 2 years old). And sometimes, it's funny. 
If you ever feel like crying, you can empathize with Miss Natalee. 
Here, 10 Good Reasons to Cry: 
 1. She wants to go down the slide but she doesn't want to go down the slide.

 2. She wants to sit in her carseat (she is sitting in her carseat).

3. She wants to read Brown Bear, but she doesn't want to open the book.

4. She asked for a pear and Mommy gave her a pear.

 5. Her banana broke.

 6. Her fingers are wrinkly from the bath.

 7. She doesn't want to sit on THIS couch. She wants a SAMMICH.

8. She doesn't want to wear her headband (you'll notice she is not wearing her headband).

9. She wants to wear this pink cape.

10. She wants to sit down.

Go on, have a good cry.

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Amanda said...

Oh how I love Miss N!!! The pictures are great but the captions are even better.