Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mission: Unbeatable Mom - Holly Stringer's Special Day Recap - by Rachelle

“I went in with man hands and came out with lady hands!” Holly said after her day of relaxation at the Borgata Spa in the Prescott Resort last Friday. She also enjoyed a 60-minute facial – “Everything she put on my face smelled so good I wanted to eat it!  I even got a light peel, which made my skin glow when I was done.”
Ahhh…all the things mommies want but can never justify spending the time or money on.
And in addition to enjoying a completely carefree day, it was a reminder to Holly to “remember who I am and remember that I need to take care of myself so that I can do a good job of taking care of my kids.”
Remembering who she is last week started with a Tropikale smoothie from Robeks, sipping it while looking out at Watson Lake – breathing in fresh air and enjoying the scenery, another treat for us moms! “It was so peaceful and such a beautiful day,” Holly said. 

When she arrived at the spa Friday morning, all of the ladies were waiting to give her the royal treatment, which started out with a 90-minute massage, and “Wow, it was SO amazing! When it was finally over, I could barely stand up. My whole body felt like Jell-O.”  
Then they took her right in for her first-ever facial. “Of everything I did all day, the facial was my absolute favorite.  She was so nice and explained so much about my skin and gave me lots of samples and pointers.” 

When she met Royce for lunch after her facial, “Even he commented on how my skin looked!” 

“We enjoyed a nice lunch with an incredible view of Prescott.  I had forgotten how amazing their views are up there."

"I went back to the spa for the second part of my fun and excitement – nails!”


This is when Holly’s hands transformed into lady hands and her feet, well, “I got the full treatment on my feet! She even did the paraffin wax, which I loved!  And just when I thought my day was over... I remembered that I still got to go out on a fancy date with my honey!”

Holly and Royce – high school sweethearts! – went to eat sushi at Fujiyama’s, where they went “wild” and stuffed themselves with “all kinds of fun sushi rolls.”
The dessert of the evening? Shopping at Ross! With their leftover money, Royce and Holly splurged on new stuff for themselves and their boys.
“Now that is a cherry on top, if you ask me!”
Holly said that, overall, her special day is one she will never, ever forget. She wasrelaxed and carefree - feelings she hasn’t felt “in years…maybe since before having kids!”
“It was just such a memorable day,” Holly added. “Thank you so much for doing something so wonderful for me.  I would love to pay it forward someday and I will be watching The Mommy Blog Chronicles from here on out! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ”

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