Thursday, April 10, 2014

Memories & Tidbits - by Rachelle

I often find myself wishing that I had a whole separate memory compartment in my brain that could store as much information as I desire. I would dedicate that whole compartment to the things my boys, Andrew and Evan, say and do every single day. I am never surprised to find Play-Doh in my shoe or a newly learned word written on a piece of paper wrapped carefully around the leg of a stuffed animal (a girl in Andrew’s preschool class broke her leg; he was replicating the cast). But I am surprised at just how quickly those cute little things escape my memory. Not only surprised, but saddened.

Everyday life with a two and four year old is vibrant and messy and imaginative and wonderful. And as memories of them running around, saying the things they say, doing the things they do, are trying to burn themselves permanently into my mind, I know they will eventually fade. It doesn’t seem like it will, but it’s already happening. One of my boys will say something that reminds me of something they said when they were younger, and I think to myself, “How could I have forgotten that? That was just a year ago!”

What happens when 20 years goes by? Or five, for that matter?

That’s why I’ve decided to, every few months, make a list highlighting things they’re currently doing (as well as things I suddenly remember them doing when they were younger). And I thought I’d share them with you J Oh, and I’ve love for you to compile a list and share them with us! Even if it’s just five or six things: every memory is worth holding on to.

List compiled on April 9, 2014

-          -Evan gets the hiccups every time he laughs really hard. This has happened since he was a baby. 
-         - The boys think the word “patooty” (in place of butt) is hilarious
-          -Andrew pronounces “banana” “pabana” (it used to be the only way he could say it…now he does it just to be cute)
-          -Evan calls popsicles “pocsiples”
-         - Evan says “what did you said?” instead of “what did you say?”
-          -Andrew recently learned to tie knots and he ties knots in everything, just to practice
-          -When Andrew was little, he called our dog Cooper “Caga” (Caga was his first word). When Evan was younger, he called Cooper “Paatat”(Paatat was his first word)
-          -Andrew is learning to read, and I am so proud of him. He can make the sounds of every letter and put them together to read short words
-          -The boys used to put long pieces of toilet paper in their bottoms like a tail and run around the house yelling “tail time!”
-          -Between the ages of 1 and 3, Andrew was beyond obsessed with trains, especially Thomas. Now Evan is obsessed.
-          -The boys like the stuff things into Ziploc bags. Tonight I found a blue rubber caterpillar in a Ziploc by my bathroom sink
-          -Evan says that when he grows up, he wants to be a tiger.
-          -Yesterday Andrew said that, when he grows up, he wants to be a strawberry grower. Today he said he wants to be a doctor
-          -Evan pronounces “oatmeal” “outmeal” and thinks it’s hilarious
-          -When the boys want to watch TV, they have to agree on what to watch – which typically involves Andrew choosing and Evan agreeing
-          -Evan has known his ABCs for a long time
-          -Both boys were completely potty-trained at age 2 ½
-          -When Andrew was younger, we had to go out every night before bedtime and say “goodnight” to the moon. Every night.
-          -Evan loves to play a game at bed time where I try to kiss his cheeks as he moves his head quickly back and forth. He laughs and gets the hiccups every time
-          -The second I get on the phone, the boys need me desperately
-          -When the boys were younger and Evan was just starting to talk, Andrew would say things like, “Hey Evan, do you want to play outside? Evan, say ‘yes.’ And Evan would say “yes”
-          -They are at the age where they can brush their teeth in the bathroom all on their own and get their clothes on
-          -We are working on teaching Andrew to tie his shoes
-          -Evan’s preschool teacher’s name is Mrs. Debbie and he loves her very much
-          -Andrew’s preschool teacher’s name is Mrs. Kristin, and he loves her very much, too
-          -Every night, hubby and I take turns sitting on each of the boys’ beds, where we ask them, “what do you want to talk about?” and they come up with something to talk about. This is their favorite part of night
-          -Andrew (4 ½) is a much messier eater than Evan (2 ½)
-         - The boys like to play in the backyard together and randomly yell “Monster!” and run into the house
-          -They both love crafts
-          -Evan loves to sing and sings all the time. He makes up songs and sings them for us
-          -The boys get a very little toy almost every time we go to the grocery store. It’s just part of the routine
-          -Andrew loves to point out that he is 4 and Evan is 2
-          -They are still young enough where their “L’s” and “R’s” are pronounced as “W’s” – “wittle” instead of “little,” “wabbit” instead of “rabbit”
-         - Andrew loves to make calendars by taping together pieces of construction paper into one giant square and then cutting out little squares with numbers written on them and gluing them on
-          -Evan has pretty much outgrown naps
-          -Andrew is fascinated with my pierced ears. He wonders all the time why blood doesn’t come out of the holes and whether or not it hurts to put earrings in
-          -They like to pack their suitcases full of stuffed animals, grab flashlights and take “night walks” in the backyard before bed

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