Tuesday, April 29, 2014

OMG this is really happening by Hilary

So it's official.
I'm all set up to do my first triathlon in just a few days on Sunday, May 4.
I think I might throw up.
You can read about the Esprit de She and sign up for it here: http://bit.ly/1cn8jce and use EDS61 if you do - remember, there are sprint distances and a duathlon if you want to join me. :)
So why is it official?
I got my outfit in the mail yesterday. And when you get your outfit, you know it's official. Right? Like that moment when you try on your wedding dress, THE wedding dress, and realize, this is really happening.
It's cute, right? In the back there are pink accents and a few pockets for things like energy gel and barf bags.
In other news, I did my first full brick workout (which is where you do a swim, bike and run) ltwo weekends ago and felt pretty good.
I know my swim photo looks goofy - I was trying to take a selfie without anyone at the pool knowing! (Have you heard that song, "Let's take a selfie!"? Funny stuff, right there.)
I know I am physically capable of doing the exercise - I know I CAN get through the swim, the bike and the run. But I am so afraid of doing something dumb like swallowing the lake water, choking, and having to stop the swim. Or inhaling water. Or getting kicked in the face. Or getting a toe cramp. (Seriously! Those hurt!). Or crashing on my bike because I can't turn a corner. What if I crash  into someone else? OH MY GAWD I THINK I'M GOING TO THROW UP!
Does anyone have a barf bag?


Break-Away said...


When was the last time your bike had a tune up? Have your mechanic give it a once over and you won't have to worry about wrecking. (2 weeks ago my crank arm fell off while out riding. Now it's getting a whole new crank set - manufacturer default. Not something you want to happen during the race.) Relax, you will do great!

The Mommy Blog Chronicles said...

Thanks for your advice! I will definitely take the bike in for a tune up. I admit, I'm glad I didn't see this comment before the race - I was more worried about crashing into someone - I didn't even THINK about my bike falling apart. ;) But a tune up is a great idea. Thanks for the encouragement!