Friday, May 23, 2014

Mission: Unbeatable Mom Case 3 - Christina Aspa by Hilary

We are so excited about our next Mission: Unbeatable Mom recipient, not only because she is absolutely admirable, but also because we're doing something a little different this time around!

Introducing Christina Aspa!

Jim Turner, who nominated her for Mission: Unbeatable Mom, said he admires her drive, determination and sacrifice. As a single mom to her daughter Ava, Christina works full-time and went back to school 2 years ago "because she wants to create a better future for her daughter and herself."

"Chrissie lives on a shoestring budget and never does anything for herself. Making ends meet is her biggest challenge."

Of course, when we heard about Christina, we couldn't wait to give her a well-deserved day of relaxation.

But here's where this story gets even better. An anonymous donor approached us wanting to fund an entire Mission: Unbeatable Mom case. We sought nominations for a hard-working mom, and selected Christina. Thanks to the generosity of our donor, we're ready to roll right away!   

Christina is a hard-working mom determined to be independent and successful, and to give her daughter a great life.

Christina works nights at the local hockey arena in the housekeeping department, and she said, "We do a lot of other things besides just clean up after rabid fans."

She attends a community college full-time, and has applied to the Psychological Science undergraduate program at the state university.

"As a single mom, it's really difficult to balance quality parenting time, school, and work. Something is always getting the short end of the stick," she said. "I don't always make the best choices in some people's opinion, but I really like to think that in the end, [my daughter] and I will be best friends. Not in that creepy way you see in movies where the mom acts like a teenager, either."

This past semester has been especially tough, since she is carrying more than a full-time load at school, so now that it's over, Christina is ready to take a couple of days to herself.

This Monday, she's heading to Phoenix with her boyfriend. They'll go to the Arizona Diamondbacks game, then dinner at the Hyatt's Compass Room restaurant. Tuesday, they'll spend the day at the Phoenix Art Museum.

"The most surprising interest that I've begun to cultivate since I started going to college full-time two years ago, is art history," she said. "I am obsessed with art and the significance behind its creation."  

After the art museum, they will go to dinner at Durant's steakhouse for dinner, followed by another Arizona Diamondbacks game.

"I'm generally a happy person," Christina said. "I don't let external factors affect my personal life and I'm rarely offended by anything. It helps to think about how much worse things could be, or to think about what I do have."

As usual, we will post a follow-up once Christina has enjoyed her adventure!

Christina is donating 10% of her funds to the Phoenix Art Museum.

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