Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Son Thinks My Life Is Boring - by Rachelle

“Mommy, why do you always like to do boring stuff?” my 5-year Andrew asks me daily. Multiple times a day, actually. And I find it hilarious. He wrote a book today called “All The Boring Stuff Grown-Ups Do.” I am flattered that he shows tremendous interest in writing books, and I love his recent fascination with the topic of life-of-boring- grown-ups. 

This all started a few months ago when he started coming with me to the local jewelry store that I set up every morning. He and Evan had to wait patiently for about 45 minutes every morning over the summer while I set up hundreds of pieces of jewelry. That’s when he started asking, “Why do you like doing boring stuff?” I explained to him that handling beautiful jewelry every day isn’t
boring for me. He was dumb-founded. 

Then one day, he had an improvement day at his elementary school and stayed with me while his brother went to preschool. “Is this what you do while we’re in school?” he asked, wide-eyed. He couldn’t believe it. “Yep,” I said. “I drive around, run errands, go home and work, run to the grocery store,” and on and on, I told him. 

“That’s so boring!” he said. “I would rather go to school while you do all this boring stuff.” (major emphasis on the B in Boring). I laughed, and he stopped crying when I took to kindergarten in the mornings.
Tonight before dinner, Andrew was cutting out pictures from our newspaper ads. He passed all the toy ads and went straight for all the boring stuff, like refrigerators and ovens. 

After pasting all his cutouts into his newest book of boring, he sat down at the table with Evan and said, “Evan, look at all this boring stuff.”
He pointed out all the things that grown-ups use: ovens, fridges, garden tools, etc. “Isn’t this boring, Evan? Isn’t this boring?” Mmhmm, Evan concurred repeatedly. I was finishing up something at the stove and asked Andrew, “do you think mommy just does boring stuff all the time?”
“Yep,” he said confidently. “I never want to be a grown-up!” 

I remember that, once I hit the age of about 14, all I wanted to go was be a grown up. I wanted to make my own choices, drive my own car. I wanted to work so I no longer had to go to school and do homework. I wanted to wear heels and make-up. I remember my mom always saying, “You have plenty of time to grow up. Enjoy being a kid!” Boy was she right. I wish I had followed that advice a little more closely. I still wanted to grow up, regardless. I literally dreamed of freedom, fantasized about responsibility. What was I thinking?  

At five, Andrew has it figured out way sooner than I ever did, and I hope that doesn’t change. I will always encourage him to stay young for as long as possible. Hopefully he’ll listen to my advice, because it’s true, you’re only little once. You’re only five once. As moms, I think it’s so important to always encourage our kids to be, well, kids! Let’s not let them grow up so fast…because they have the rest of their lives to be grown up (and we all know what comes with that!) 

Let’s leave the boring a mystery for as long as we can. And as grown-ups, we really need to treasure those moments in life that are not boring, right?? What do you think?

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