Monday, November 10, 2014

6 Angry Days. Or, The 100 Happy Days Challenge Recap - by Hilary

I recently completed the 100 Happy Days Challenge (I am super excited because on their home page at it says 70 percent of people fail and I really wanted to be one of the 30 percent to succeed!).
I will keep this post short because I already wrote a mid-challenge post on it and I don't want to bore you. 

Although, overall, I enjoyed the challenge, I admit that towards the end it because a little more of an obligation and less of a fun daily activity. Not because I didn't have time for fun, or because I was too busy for fun, but because some days you're doing, and not necessarily recording what you're doing. 
If I took my kids swimming, for example, that would make me happy and would probably qualify for a post. But it would be pretty lame for me to hop out of the pool, leave my kids in the water unsupervised and snap a few pictures of their subsequent drowning just so I could get my daily post. So I'd end up posting a picture of a huge grasshopper or something. Birds sitting on a telephone wire.

In that way, the challenge seemed to encourage recording rather than being - getting behind the camera rather than being part of the action. I know, it takes just a second to snap a picture - but it's not the time I'm thinking about, it's the state of mind. I think in general we should focus more on doing what we're doing and being present in the moment - and less on recording it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

The challenge did serve as a good reminder to choose happiness, each and every day, especially when you get bogged down in the chore of routine lunch-making, dinner-making, dish-washing, laundry-folding, tooth-brushing, bottom-wiping, working, driving, working out ... 
I admit, I had a few rough days during the past 100 days. Days where I cleaned up poop and pee multiple times off the carpet or every surface of the bathroom. Days where the kids fought and whined and cried and tattled and ninja-jumped off the couch and ended up bruised and bloodied. Days where my husband and I fought over my driving, his driving, toenail clipping, child-rearing. Days where it was difficult to come up with anything to post during the 100 Happy Days Challenge. But still - I found something, every day for 100 days. 

We have so much to be happy about, and it IS important and refreshing to celebrate that, every day.
That being said, I will, post below things that have recently made me unhappy. Just for fun. 
Let's see if anyone can relate. Ha! 

6 Angry Days

The dog pulled our entire plant out of the pot and left it on the carpet for me to find. We got this plant when Logan was just a baby and it's lasted the longest of all our houseplants. Until now.

"I have a super fun idea! Let's take the kids fishing for crawdads!"
 Natalee spent the entire outing crying and demanding to be carried. Good times.

Ouch! Got this surprisingly painful blister on my pinky finger from... you guessed it! Pushing the stroller.

OMG. I cannot believe what the female circus performers wore! My boys were like "Mommy, why are they wearing those OUTFITS? We can see their STOMACHS!" 

Natalee and nail polish meet my vanity.

But she's so proud of herself for her nail polish mastery.

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