Sunday, May 10, 2015

5 Truths About Motherhood - By Hilary

Happy Mother's Day!
So if you're a mom, you know by now that motherhood isn't exactly what you expected it would be.
Since I gave birth to our first son 8.5 years ago, I've discovered some pretty interesting truths.
Time for a countdown.
5. Sometimes the best thing about being a mom is when all your kids are at school and you have 5 hours of uninterrupted peace and quiet. So what if you're working or cleaning house or doing laundry? Nobody's fighting or saying "Mom, watch this" on repeat.
4. You have an amazing emotional capacity. This little person inspires a love so deep you want to cry, frustration so big you want to jump off the back porch, and a hope so wide you can't see its edges. This is the real reason mothers drink wine. Copious amounts of it.
3. Wine is your best friend.
2. You've passed on some of your traits to your children. And they're not all your BEST traits. Sometimes you cringe when you see it in action. That tendency to criticize people for making mouth noises? Yep, he got it from me. The refusal to wear non-matching socks because they feel different on his feet? I did that, too.
1. You wouldn't change a single part of it.
Kids giggling and sword fighting and sounding out the words of your favorite childhood books and yes, saying, "Mom, watch this," on repeat is the soundtrack to your life. Those feelings of love, protectiveness, pride, frustration and yes, even the occasional emotional exhaustion remedied only by wine are the setting in which you live. Wine is your best friend, and what an amazing discovery. Guess what? You've passed your positive traits on to your kids, too. You get to teach them love, empathy, tenacity, determination and kindness. And you get to see your best traits reflected in them.
Being a mom is an honor and a challenge - and it's one you wouldn't change for the world.
But that doesn't mean you don't relish the occasional quiet moment with that glass of wine.
Happy Mother's Day to my own mom, and to all the moms out there living these truths!

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