Thursday, May 21, 2015

Piece of Me - Rachelle's Take On Parent's Seeing Themselves in their Children

When we have babies, it’s fun to stare and study their eyes, their foreheads, their ears and chins and noses and dimples, all in the name of deciding what miniscule parts of their faces resemble ours and which resemble daddy’s. 

As they get older, it’s fun to determine whose expressions they make – ours or daddy’s.  

But now it’s getting really fun. Andrew is going to be six in just a few weeks, and he is writing books. I write books!! (Well, I wrote one book that actually got published just in case you're interested ha!).

BUT…I wrote hundreds of books before that, and it all started when I was probably just a couple of weeks away from turning six, too. 

Andrew cranks books out like Nora Roberts. He has ideas, he writes words to match his art, he imagines stories and incorporates what he learns in school and in life into those stories. It is mesmerizing. Not just because he’s my son and I think he’s brilliant, but because he has the SAME exact interest I had when I was his age (only my stories were mostly about cats and haunted places and shopping).

The first book we made together

His are about, well, everything he encounters. A few of his titles include “The Cat Book,” (I’m sure I wrote one with a similar title 30 years ago), “Monkey,” “Snails,” Rolley Polley,” "George Washington," “Sight Words,” “Zoo.” Right now, it seems that his books are mostly about things he learns at school and animals and critters that so graciously sacrifice their lives for him all the time (ie snails, rolley polleys, etc.)

BUT…the point here is that we share this love for books and storytelling. From the time Andrew was 18 months, he loved books. I thought, “Oh, I’m sure every kid loves books.” But when his brother came around, this theory was proven wrong. Evan is more of a go-go-go kid and is far too busy to sit and look at books. Even now, at almost four, he wants to talk the entire time I’m reading to him. Andrew was always silent during book time. He was the kid who memorized lines and finished the books’ sentences when I paused. He loved them. He had favorites and still does. 

He is in kindergarten and has a very obvious passion for reading and writing. He hates math (just like I do). During “free time,” he writes books. When we are home and he is free to do what he wants, he writes books. He used to just draw picture books, but now that he can write a lot of words, his imagination is his limit (and like any kid, that means there is no limit!).

Now, just the way we tend to see a lot of ourselves when looking at our babies, we must acknowledge that there is another half. Now I will talk about the fact that Andrew is half me, but he is also half my husband, Bobby (as to be expected). 

Andrew is right-brained and very creative like I am, but he has an engineer’s mind as well, just like Bobby. (I’m sure he’ll develop a love for math at some point, the way Bobby did when he was in college). Andrew is VERY inventive. When he isn’t creating art or stories, he is figuring out how things work. 

I vividly remember when he was about two-years-old and I took him on a merry-go-round. I watched the image of us, of him on my lap, in the carousel mirrors as we whizzed by. Andrew wasn’t looking around at the horses going up and down. He wasn’t fascinated by the white globe lights hanging above our heads or the fancy music playing as we spun. He was studying the wheels that made us rotate. He was bent in half in my arms, reaching down as far as he could toward the carousel platform to get a close look at the inner workings of how it was making us turn. 

I remember watching him and thinking hard about this. He couldn’t take his eyes off the mechanics of the merry-go-round. This is indicative of the way his brilliant mind works. He was studying rather than enjoying, at the ripe age of two. He remains this way. He is a thinker. He is introverted and analyzes the world around him, guided by his observations and thoughts. He is half of each of us, and this, I love to watch unfold.  Stay tuned for my son, the next best-selling author (one of us may as well be! ;)

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