About Hilary

About Hilary

I'm the wife of a complicated (yet very good-looking and perfect-for-me) man; mom to three perfect little people who charm me and challenge me; daughter to two supportive parents and sister to two younger brothers.

I love sunrises and coffee, dessert and a good book. I love running. A lot. I love hot showers.

I hate bunchy socks and angry people.

I love a good debate and I've been known to take it too far. I love new experiences. I am honest (take it or leave it). I love cooking and baking. I love eating and drinking. I love dancing with my husband.

I'm a writer, a runner, an auntie, a friend and a co-worker. I've lived on the coast and in the desert. I am organized but not neat and tidy.

That's the short version.

Here's the longer version, if you're interested:

Born in the small beach town of Santa Cruz, California, I was raised by a Midwestern Dad (if he was any farther to the right he'd fall off the chart) and a Mom who survived Catholic school … and I grew up surrounded by hippies. That's probably what explains my simultaneous "One Love" and "Nap Nazi" personality.

From the time I was 4 until I went to college, I danced, competing nationally and even took a trip to Australia to perform and take class. On that trip, I got a second hole pierced in one ear, and one of the older girls bought Foster's beer for all of us. I know, I'm a real rebel.

My senior year in high school, I ran track and loved it – wished I'd started earlier!

I went to Cal State Long Beach, majored in English with an option in Creative Writing. Probably a totally useless major but it's allowed me to do what I'm doing now: (after a 4-year stint as a newspaper reporter) I'm a direct response copywriter, features writer, and marketing writer, and I work from home while taking care of the kiddos.

My husband and I met in the Costco parking lot. I think it was the dimples that got me. He swears it was the yellow dress that got him; although I don't own a yellow dress and never have.

We met one July, but I was seeing someone at the time. So we didn't start dating until the following February. We didn't waste any time and were married that September. Our first son was born the following October (surprise!). Our second was born two Septembers later, and our daughter joined us in July 2011.

I took up running about three years ago, and will (hopefully!) complete my first Half Ironman triathlon in October 2014. As a bumper sticker I saw so eloquently put it, "I run so I don't kill people."

If someone had asked me ten years ago to define my ideal life, this would be it: I'm a working, stay-home mom of three kids, married to a great husband, living next door to my parents (really!).

The only thing I'd change: I'd be driving a Jeep Wrangler. And I may be … as soon as they make one big enough to fit three car seats.

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