About Rachelle

About Rachelle

I have been married for nearly eight years to a man with a brain that makes mine whole. He is entirely left-brained and me, totally right. I probably have the math skills of a second-grader and my hubby is an aerospace engineer (my dad is an engineer, too. They say you marry your father, right?). Opposites do indeed attract.

Growing up, my right-brain controlled everything I did. I was a dancer, a musician, a writer (awe, the good ol’ Dear Diary days). I hated math, had anxiety attacks when given a word problem, didn’t really like anything to do with having to figure something out. I just wanted to create. I thrived in English, got lost in stories, created them and shared them with anyone who would listen. 

In college, I explored all of my options and interests – photography, graphic design, psychology – before settling on the one thing I had always loved and had always been good at. Writing (more specifically, journalism). 

My career as a newspaper reporter led to a book idea, which, after seven years of learning how to get a book published, finding a literary agent, selling it to a publisher, writing the book and releasing it, is in stores now and is called “Once Upon A Wish: True Inspirational Stories of Make-A-Wish Children” (www.onceuponawishbook.com). 

And so, here I am, juggling life as a stay and work at home mom, joining one of my very best friends, Hilary – an equal lover of words – on this mission of creating a blog that will empower, enlighten, and most of all, entertain you, with stories about our little ones who give us daily material to write about!

I have two little ones: two active, funny, brilliant boys who are perfect combinations of my hubby and me. They are curious about how the world works like their dad (they both prefer studying the workings of a merry-go-round rather than enjoying the ride), and create their interpretation of it with artwork that could be sold in galleries (in my opinion anyway!). 

Opposite of Hilary (as you’ll find in many of our posts), I went with the long version of myself first, and now I’ll tell you all about me in a nutshell (if you’re interested!). 

I am terrified of elevators. 

I hate tomatoes but I love spaghetti sauce. 

I want to be a free spirit but not sure that I am. 

I have lived in three states and 14 houses since birth, visited both coasts, traveled to six countries, and I dream of going to Tahiti.

I am a people pleaser. 

I love decorating, cooking, reading, and journaling, but can’t find the time to do any of it (aside from cooking, of course!) 

I believe that friends are the family we choose, so mine are my sisters (that I never had) – I love them deeply, confide in them wholly (whether they like it or not!), support them unconditionally, listen to them with therapist-ears, and let their differences help mold who I am.  

And lastly, I share Hilary’s dream of one day owning a Jeep Wrangler. But I don’t see that happening for a very, very long time.

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